The Kiko Goat people of SW Virginia

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Roger and Joan Combs - THE Kiko Goat People of SW Virginia

Kiko Goat Farm ownersOur Kiko goats are happy here at Turkeynob Goat Farm. The terrain is perfect for them. They love the abundance of weeds, brush and poison ivy. And the big rocks are ideal for them to rest and warm in the late afternoon sun.

After retiring in 2003, we returned from Atlanta, GA to Grayson County and decided we wanted to raise a few goats. Checking out a few breeds, we chose the Kiko. The cold, snowy and rainy winters in the Blue Ridge Mountains forced our decision.

We started with a few does and a 100% New Zealand Kiko buck. His bloodline was Goliath. We later added Klondike, Money Maker, Generator, Keeper, Legend, Loverboy, Noble and TerminatorXX bloodlines. Our stock consists of percentage Kikos and American Premier goats with 100% New Zealand bucks and does. Enough has been said of how the Kiko breed is hardy, healthy, low maintenance and great motherly instinct, of which all is true.

Kiko Goat Farm ownersThe Kikos we raise here are strong tough, tough critters. Come spend the day with us and check out our operations. We believe you will also select the Kiko breed for your farm. Breeding commercial, Kiko meat goats could be the breed for you.

We are proud members of the International Kiko Goat Association. Click the logo to visit for tons of detailed info about the KIKO Goat.

Come see our Kiko Goat family @ Turkeynob Goat Farm

Turkeynob Goat Farm 1053 Beagle Lane Fries, VA 24330 (276) 744-2292 or (276)-233-5536

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